Breathing & Support Part 2

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This, then leads us to the topic of “Support” – which is where “Schools of Thought” #2 and #3 come in. Breathing and Breath Support are sometimes used interchangeably and, though they are inextricably linked, they are also separate ideas in their own way. Support is the word often used when a singer uses the muscles in their middle (referred to as the “diaphragm”) to push against the lungs, causing more air to be pushed towards the vocal cords. This generally causes the sound to be louder, simply because the definition of volume when it comes to singing is, “the ability of the vocal cords to withstand more air pressure”. The more air pressure your vocal cords can resist, the louder your sound will be. The fact that the “diaphragm” is obsessed about so much in singing circles is beyond me, to be honest. It is an...

Breathing & Support Part 1

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Wow!  This can be a hot-button topic for many vocal instructors!  I’m sure I’m opening a can of worms even posting this.  Often one of the first things a new student tells me is that they need help with their breathing.  This is usually the one thing the average Joe knows about singing – you need to learn to breathe like a singer. Let me first fill you in on a few of the different  “Schools of Thought” when it comes to singers, breathing and support: School of Thought #1: It’s all about breathing!  These instructors work intensely on getting singing students to breathe “low”.  They lie them on the ground on their backs and have them raise books with their stomachs moving up and down with their breath.  They spend hours and hours of lesson time working on trying to control their “diaphragm” before they even get to singing a...