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Every couple weeks we send out a short list of key vocal techniques and exercises you can use to take your vocal to the next level.  Each email contains tips and reveals the guarded techniques used by the stars to deliver remarkable performances.  These tips can be yours.

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Using proven techniques and refined methodology, Noreen will help you break-though your vocal limitations achieve results you never thought possible. Our approach involves releasing strain from your voice by creating a smooth, easy “connection” between your chest and head registers.


My range has improved greatly and the ease in which I can hit notes without putting any strain on my vocal chords has been amazing. I have seen a visible improvement in the audience reaction when I have performed in front of live audiences!

Paul Ritz

Noreen has introduced me to my own voice! I was a touring musician before coming to her but was having some “issues” in the studio (according to my producer!). Turns out, I wasn’t aware of some basic fundamentals. I love speech level training and Noreen is a master at conveying this simple yet profound approach!

Owen Plant

As a recording artist the transition between the studio and live performance is of utter importance. The Connected Voice Studio helped me connect all of the missing pieces in the training of my voice for live settings and studio recordings. Noreen’s insight, skill and knowledge of the vocal process has allowed me the freedom to access my instrument in a way I never had before.

William Kappen

After many years of wanting to feel better about singing in the car or around the house, I finally decided to take singing lessons. I was very nervous as I wasn’t sure if I might be too old. On my first lesson, I was so pleased at Noreen’s easy nature and very warm approach. I practice as often as I can, and after just a couple of lessons, I can tell I’m improving. It’s not an overnight experience, but I’m gaining confidence and learning to recognize how my vocal cords have to be retrained. I’m excited and find myself so pleased I decided to take lessons and especially delighted to have found Nor

Nancy Parks

Noreen Smith has helped my daughter expand her vocal abilities and improve her singing skills in a remarkably short period of time. My daughter’s confidence has improved tremendously since she began working with Noreen, and as a result, she has decided to pursue musical theater. Noreen is an excellent teacher who provides a nurturing environment for her students. My daughter loves working with Noreen and is so pleased with the progress she has made while under Noreen’s tutelage. I highly recommend her for students of all ages!

Lori Hultin (daughter, age 10)

Singing lessons with Noreen helped me strengthen my singing voice and my speaking voice. I had spasmodic dysphonia [defined as: a squeezed, strained-strangled effortful phonation with voice stoppages and voice breaks], so my speaking voice cracked or would disappear, until I strengthened it with Noreen’s help. I can also sing on key now, another area I had found challenging.

Judeanne Wiley

Noreen has helped me expand my range, reach notes I never knew I had, and most of all she has helped me overcome my fear of stage fright! Thank you so much for being a caring and helpful voice coach!

Lauryn Hernandez

My daughter took an interest in musical theater and we went to Noreen to help her gain control over her voice. Not only have I seen improvements in my daughter’s voice but she has gained confidence. My daughter has since sung by herself in church in front of over 200 people, been in a musical, and loves to sing! It’s awesome to see her stepping out in her gifts due to the training Noreen has giv

Jennifer Kilpatrick (daughter, age 8)

Noreen has helped me feel more confident when I sing, to learn how my voice works and where I am comfortable singing. I’m very excited to be taking vocal lessons at The Connected Voice! Thank you Noreen!

Maddie McCobb (age 11)

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