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Whether you are going into the recording studio, getting ready for an audition or hoping to correct vocal damage from poor singing or speaking habits, we can help you find your voice and do more with it than you ever thought possible.

Consider your own vocal abilities…

Do you find you hit a “ceiling” with your voice and can’t sing past a certain pitch without straining or “flipping”?
Do you notice that notes at the top of your range tend to go out of pitch?
Do you have only one volume in your voice – LOUD?
Do you feel as if you have different “sections” of your voice and can’t bring them together as one voice?
Do you find yourself feeling hoarseness or pain after singing?
Do you wish you could increase your vocal range?
Do you find that you can only sing in a “breathy” voice?
Do you find singing feels strained or uncomfortable?

All of these vocal problems have one common solution…

Proven vocal balancing tools and exercises customized by your master vocal coach to achieve the following:

  • increased range
  • more ease in singing and speaking
  • blend/connection of head and chest registers
  • increased “vocal intelligence”  ie: as you increase your understanding of your instrument you will be able to decrease the incidence of unexpected/uncontrollable vocal sounds – and you’ll know how to troubleshoot when this does happen
  • more power in your tone with less effort
  • improvement in the “listen-ability” in the overall tone of your voice
  • introduction of “vibrato” into your tone
  • increased vocal flexibility
  • ability to apply your new balanced vocal coordination to different styles/genres of music
  • positive changes in the quality of your speaking voice
  • increased confidence in your vocal ability
  • ability to stay in key (often singers get “pitchy” as they ascend in pitch due to muscle restrictions.  As the restrictions are removed, the voice gains more accuracy.)
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Noreen Smith is a Master Vocal Coach.  Having completed more than 14 years of rigorous training with top LA vocal coaches, Noreen has developed a deep knowledge of the  tools and techniques that helped so many vocalists to achieve break- though results.